Unity - Sleeveless Vacuum from Össur

Sleeveless Vacuum Suspension

Made available for both above-knee and below-knee amputees with Iceross Seal-in® Liners

Iceross Seal-In X TF

Iceross Seal-In V is an effective, comfortable suspension for below-knee amputees that literally seals itself into the socket.

Its unique design also makes it easy to step in and out of the socket, while the wave provides greater freedom of movement.

Iceross Seal-In V

Mix and Match

Select from our extensive range of both feet and knees

Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, the flexibility of Unity sleeveless vaccuum is now available for low to active users.

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Designed for greater mobility

Unity offers users the security and freedom of vacuum suspension without the restrictions of a sleeve

Hiawatha Sanders is a low-active, 60-year-old unilateral above-knee amputee of the left leg.

Mr. Sanders is fitted with a Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System, Seal-In X TF liner, Balance Knee and a Flex-Foot Balance.

Bob McGuire is a moderately active, 79-year-old unilateral above-knee amputee of the left leg.

Mr. McGuire is fitted with a Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System, Seal-in X TF liner, RHEO KNEE 3 and Re-Flex Rotate.

Unity® For All

Elevated vacuum for both above-knee and below-knee amputees

With the Unity Sleeveless Vacuum by Össur, there is finally an elevated vacuum system for all prosthetic users. Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, the Unity Vacuum System offers the flexibility to combine a variety of Össur feet and knees to achieve the optimal combination of prosthetic components for each unique user.

Balance Knee and K2 Sensation with Unity is a perfect combination for the K2 population
- Scott Saunders, CPO

Key benefits of elevated vacuum

  • controls volume and reduces fluctuations
  • improves socket fit and enhances suspension
  • reduces pistoning and rotation
  • promotes skin and limb health
  • improves comfort
  • lowers energy consumption
  • optimizes gait characteristics

Addressing a Medical Necessity

There are many reasons to believe that above-knee amputees will benefit from the use of elevated vacuum as much, if not more, than below-knee amputees.

  • Elevated vacuum suspension systems manage limb volume fluctuation, a problem that people with limb loss are challenged with1.
  • When limb volume decreases, the socket is loose-fitting, often causing pressure to bony prominences, which may result in pain and/or injury to the limb1.
  • The vacuum-assisted socket has shown to eliminate daily volume loss2.
  • The combination of reduced pistoning and maintenance of volume is thought to account for the more symmetrical gait observed in users using elevated vacuum suspension3.
  • Activity Balance Confidence scores were found to be significantly higher in participants using vacuum suspension (95% confidence), indicating a lower predicted incidence of future falls.
With Unity, my comfort, stability and limb health has increased significantly
Alti Ndreka, Above Knee User & CP/LP

Indicated for prosthetic users who:

  • need volume management
  • require improved socket fit and comfort
  • benefit from increased proprioception and enhanced gait symmetry
  • need added safety by eliminating/reducing pistoning
  • need a lightweight solution without adding build height
  1. Beil, T. L.; Street, G. M.; Covey, S. J. Interface pressure during ambulation using suction and vacuum-assisted prosthetic sockets. J. Rehabil. Res. Dev. 39(6):693-700; 202.
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If you are a prosthetic user and are interested in our Unity Sleeveless Vacuum system, please consult your prosthetist today.

Medical Professionals:

For more information on ordering, training, certification, reimbursment issues or to schedule a product demonstration contact us today at 800-233-6263 (EST), or by email at [email protected]

Support documents (Instructions for use), specifications and fitting videos can be found on the Unity - Sleeveless Vacuum page