Stability and dynamics - whatever the weather

Delivering significantly improved performance*


Increase in distance walked

Measured during standard 6 Minute Walking Test1


Exertion reduction

Measured on BORG scale, which rates perceived
exertion during exercise, after 6 Minute Walking Tests1

*In a controlled clinical trial, the new RHEO KNEE 3 significantly outperformed previous RHEO KNEE models and a mainstream competitive product in a series of standardized outcome measures. Specifically, users walked farther and faster, while feeling less tired.

More information

WEATHERPROOF for use in wet and/or humid environments*.

STRONGER extension assist for faster and more natural swing extension.

EASIER access to data/settings via the new Össur Logic app.

SMOOTHER transition from stance to swing phase.

*Do not submerse, or expose to chlorinated or salt water. Older models of RHEO KNEE are not weatherproof. Identify weatherproof models by this icon.

Össur Logic App

The Össur Logic App enables professionals to easily adjust the functionality for each user and access valuable outcome reports. The app enables end-users to quickly check knee status and battery charge level.

Simplified Bluetooth Connection

The RHEO KNEE 3 now includes a Bluetooth Low Energy chipset that allows simple and robust wireless connection to Apple iOS devices (iOS8 or later).

Professional mode

  • Knee setup
    • Auto adjustment
    • Manual adjustment
    • Calibration
    • Sound and vibration
  • Activity reports
    • Walking speed distribution
    • Average walking speed
    • Step count

User mode

  • Battery charge remaining
  • Step count
  • Links to instructions for use

NOTE: License code required for professional access

About the Össur Logic App

The new Össur Logic, available free of charge on the App Store, has two modes of operation: The user mode allows the end-user to access important knee parameters such as battery status and step count. The expert mode allows intuitive set-up of the knee, with both automatic and manual parameter adjustment, sensor calibration and information on battery status, step count, firmware, etc. Össur Logic in expert mode also includes an option for generating Activity Reports.

Expert mode is only available for the healthcare professional with training from Össur.

NOTE: Össur Logic cannot be used with older versions of RHEO KNEE as those models do not include the Bluetooth Low Energy hardware required to communicate with iOS devices.

Stability and Dynamics

Designed for a variety of users and circumstances, RHEO KNEE® 3 delivers confidence-boosting stability and a dynamic experience for users who want to return to everyday activity.

RHEO KNEE 3 is compatible with nearly all Össur feet, the most comprehensive and clinically validated line of prosthetic feet. We recommend coupling RHEO KNEE 3 with feet in our Dynamic Solutions family.


  • Transfemoral and knee/hip disarticulation amputees
  • Low to moderate impact levels
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Tecnical Specifications

  • Minimum build height: 9 ¼" (236 mm)
  • Device weight: 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)
  • Battery life: up to 72 hours, depending on level of activity

RHEO KNEE 3 Product Page

*Data on file at Össur.