Ability. Technology. Physics.

Almost three decades ago, the original Össur running feet were modeled after the hind leg of a cheetah. Today, with breakthrough technologies in materials, design and engineering we’ve developed a simply-shaped blade that stores energy and uses it to propel the runner forward.

No bionics.  No electronics.  No magnetics.  It’s physics.  When the runner's foot hits the ground, the blade compresses and stores potential energy. Then it rebounds to push the runner forward using 90% of the energy generated by a runner's stride. This enables an athlete to push harder and go a little further.

What are you capable of?

Work hard, stay focused, and race to win with Össur’s range of prosthetic Sports Solutions and running blades, developed side by side with elite runners, Paralympians, triathletes, long jumpers and more.

“I have the motivation to smash my way forward, to never give up being an athlete.”

Maya Nakanashi