Össur was founded 50 years ago by Össur Kristinsson, an amputee from Iceland. In his dedication to a life without limitations he was always searching for ways to put the time and freedom back into the hands of an amputee.
With One Visit Prosthetics our focus is still the same, with the unique manufacturing and fitting process that has all the advantages of a new custom prosthesis within one visit and incorporating socket solutions for all user types.

Because of the unique approach you and your prosthetist are able to spend more time on things that matter the most, like walking naturally and functioning without pain. One Visit Prosthetics offers three solutions, Direct Socket TF and Connect TF for above knee amputees and Direct Socket TT for below knee amputees.

One Visit Prosthetics is about your experience

With One Visit Prosthetics you can get a new custom prosthetic leg with just one visit to the clinic, optimising your use of time so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. By reducing your amount of visits to the clinic, you can spend the time you gain to get back to doing things that you enjoy most!

A One Visit Prosthetic solution for below and above knee amputees

One Visit Prosthetics with Direct Socket makes use of a unique fitting process. With Direct Socket this is directly on your leg which results in a snug fit and a secure suspension between the liner and the socket. For above knee amputees, we use a silicone brim at the top of the socket. This brim reduces the contact of the solid socket with solid surfaces like chairs, which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear.

The socket design can be combined with most standard prosthetic leg components, so once you are fitted with the necessary parts, and trained to used the prosthesis properly, you can walk out the clinic with your new, final custom prosthetic leg after only one visit!

Would you like to learn more about how this works in practice? In the videos below we show you step by step how it works in practice and how this unique fitting process is built around you as a prosthetic user!

Another One Visit Prosthetic solution for above knee amputees

Especially for above knee amputees with a lower activity level, we have Connect TF. Connect TF is an adjustable socket and can be re-adjusted throughout your life. It is a custom fitted socket, which can be adjusted in height, angle and circumference, so it will always fit the shape of your leg. It also conveniently means that you won't need a completely new socket every time you experience a physical change, like muscle gain or loss.

This socket has rigid but flexible shells and with the easy handle, you can put on your prosthesis, or remove it, while you are seated.

You can use the Connect TF socket in combination with a liner with a locking system. This ensures you that there is a safe connection, and it can be built with almost all common components.

Would you like to learn more about how it works in practise? In the video below we show you how it works and what the benefits are for you.

Do you have further questions?

You might have further questions regarding the One Visit Prosthetic concept, the available options and how to get this for yourself. In our FAQ section you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

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