About One Visit Prosthetics

One Visit Prosthetics is about changing service delivery to amputees. The concept enables prosthetists to fit a prosthetic socket in one visit with a process that is built around the user experience, allowing the user to leave with their final prosthesis the same day.

The technology of Direct Socket and Connect TF enables prosthetists to consistently provide users with a high quality, correctly fitting, tailored prosthetic socket in one visit. The process and prosthetic socket solution are designed to increase user satisfaction through improved outcomes and allow the prosthetist to spend time more efficiently with the user, while the user has fewer trips to the clinic.

Information for users

The concept of One Visit Prosthetics is built around the experience of the user with a focus on the optimal clinical outcome for the end user and to improve patient satisfaction. Interested to learn more and to hear what our users say about their experience?

Direct Socket TT casting liner

Information for Health Care Professionals

One Visit Prosthetics encourages prosthetists to think outside the box concerning prosthetic socket design, the fitting process and amputee care in general. The concept enables prosthetists to spend more time with their patients and helps to improve the operational organization of their clinic.