Michael Roll’s Story

Michael has been an amputee since the age of 18, due to contracting Meningococcal Disease on a footy trip. Originally, having one below knee amputation but has since had his second leg amputated due to chronic pain, infection and limited mobility. That decision was the best decision Mike has ever made!

A couple of months after the operation, Mike was up on a pair of Össur Re-Flex Rotates and walking, playing sport and living a better life. This new lease on life opened doors that were at one time sealed shut. Things like running suddenly became an option and with the help of the Össur Team and ProMotion Prosthetics, this new dream became a reality. After nine years of basically limping around, favouring the left foot and limited mobility, Mike was able to move swiftly again! For Mike, it wasn’t about elite sport or running like the wind, it was the liberating feeling of moving freely again, the mental benefits alone were enormous. Shortly after, Mike attended his first Mobility Clinic held in Brisbane, there was no better place to learn how to get the most out of his new prosthetics!

Mike has turned his focus to introducing amputees to Golf. The participation (from all ages) has been incredible at the past 2 clinics. With Australian amputee golfing legend Geoff Nicholas showing the way, it’s been a wonderful inclusion. Golf as a sport can provide so much to amputees.