Liam Twomey's Story

The Össur Mobility Clinic couldn't have come at a better time for me, with the help of Cameron Ward at APC, I received my first Össur Flex-Run (running foot) which helped me learn techniques and skills taught from some of the best coaches in Australia.

I was very excited, I’ve been dying to get on the Flex-Run for over 12 months and to finally have it in my possession, let alone be able to run on it, made me feel like Christmas had come early!

The Mobility Clinic held in Adelaide was my second Clinic, my first clinic being in Melbourne last year, it was nice to see lots of familiar faces and familiar coloured shirts of the Össur team, clinicians and athletes.

I spent a lot of time with Brett Jones (Running Coach), throughout the two days which was my main goal. I can run and have done a fair bit of it, but it has all been self-taught. I believe if I want to be like the best, I must behave like the best, and that means seeking out the best support in all areas of my life. Mobility Clinic offered the support I needed when I came to running techniques.

Whether it be from Cathy Howells (physiotherapist) enthusiasm and expert knowledge, Brett’s coaching cues, techniques and understanding, or Don Elgin's approach to life – all their input is vital in how to work on building a strong mental approach to sport and life.

At the Mobility Clinic I was coached to go slow and steady, spending lots of time on drill after drill, step after step, and feeling my body as I move and trying to adjust accordingly. It may not have been what my expectation was coming to the Clinic, but it was exactly what I needed.

I learnt at the Mobility Clinic how to use Cash (yes, I named my running foot Cash), received feedback on how my running can improve and most of all connected with the Össur Mobility Clinic family.

I have such sincere admiration and respect for all the people I’ve met in the prosthetic community. There’s a special thing that goes on in this community, there is respect from everyone involved, and a genuine understanding that I don’t think I quite know how to put into words.

I’ve attended several different clinics and events in the prosthetic community, and nothing quite compares to the talks, support staff, dances, drills, laughs and learning techniques that are provided at the Össur Mobility Clinic. I’m already looking forward to the Össur Mobility Clinic held in the Gold Coast next year.

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