Joany Badenhorst's Mobility Clinic on the Snow Story

Joany strapped on her very first snowboard in 2013 and, for the first time in a very long time, she felt free! Ever since that day, Joany dreamt of ways to share this incredible experience on the snow with others.

Joany's journey hadn’t been easy, and for the most part, having to learn all the tricks of being an amputee snowboarder alone, with no real help or guidance. Some days were a real struggle, but Joany persevered. Joany's journey of learning and training to snowboard in the snowy mountains left her feeling empowered, with deep appreciation for her body, and a willingness to push past any other barrier life might put in Joany's way.

On 26-29 July 2019, Össur gave Joany the exact opportunity she wanted to share with others. Together with Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA), they hosted the first-ever Mobility Clinic on the Snow held in Thredbo, NSW, and what an incredible few days they had.

Össur encourages a Life Without Limitations, and this Mobility Clinic on the Snow went beyond that. It wasn’t just about living a life without limitations but creating an inclusive environment that enabled and supported all attendees to live an extraordinary life. Along with a fantastic team, there were attendees from all different ages and abilities coming together and tackling this Clinic, day by day and turn by turn. Joany saw these athletes return to the snow after amputation, some snow warriors coming back to support the team, and some feeling the grippy ice for the very first time.

The days they spent together weren’t easy, and the DWA guides pushed them to the max. The athletes were giving it everything they had while learning the basic skills of skiing and snowboarding, preparing themselves for the bigger, steeper slopes at Thredbo. It was touching to witness the athletes never giving up, supporting each other, and becoming part of something bigger, something so unique and special that left Joany wanting more.