Jason Parker's Mobility Clinic Story - Part 1

I attended the 2019 Mobility Clinic with no great expectations except to meet other amputees and wasn’t prepared for how it would soon change my life.

Over the last 10 years I have had 16 surgeries, including 12 spine surgeries resulting in a staph infection, kidney failure and even a massive heart attack. I then had my leg amputated below the knee from a killer infection. I spent 20 months in hospital and wasted years in a wheelchair with no great expectations other than being sedentary or just managing to walk.

After the first day at the Össur Mobility Clinic 2019 held in Gold Coast, I learned how to push my body safely and comfortably without risking injury, thanks to the amazing Össur staff, healthcare professionals and volunteer students. I went home after day 1 buzzing with excitement a genuine hope of a more mobile future.

I turned up on day two of the Clinic and decided that I will give running a real shot and embraced the opportunity to trial a Flex-Run™ which was fitted by the Össur team at the Clinic. The results were exciting, invigorating, inspiring and gave me an overwhelming sense of exhilaration. After the experiences I received at the Clinic, I have decided to take up sprinting again and I am hoping to compete in the 2020 Masters Games. I am also now planning to undertake the Kokoda trail with Don Elgin in 2020.

Thank you Team Össur, your team has been exemplary, professional and attentive. I can’t believe how my life has changed!