Using Funding Bodies to pay for Mobility Clinic attendance

There are a range of funding bodies that may be able to contribute towards Mobility Clinic attendance rates, depending on eligibility criteria and specific circumstances. These may include: NDIS, Workcover, Insurance Commission, Private Health Insurance and others across Australia. 

Please ask your provider about how you can access funding to contribute toward Mobility Clinic attendance rates. If you plan on attending a Mobility Clinic event in 2024, we recommend you contact your provider as soon as possible. 

Australian NDIS Participant Funding

The NDIS is specifically designed to offer support and funding to individuals with disabilities, including amputees, to assist in reaching goals and improving overall quality of life. Self or Plan-Managed participants may be able to access funds in NDIS plans to cover the attendance rates associated with attending a Mobility Clinic.  

Participants who are Self or Plan-Managed can review the NDIS website and participant booklets for more information on how to make claims for reimbursements:

Australian NDIS Participants Funding Categories

For Australian attendees, NDIS plans may encompass various support categorised into Core, Capacity Building and Capital Supports. When it comes to contributing to the costs of a Mobility Clinic, participants may opt to access funds through the following line items: 

  • Improved Daily Living – Community Engagement Assistance (15_045_0128_1_3) 
  • Improved Social and Community Participation – Innovative Community Participation (09_008_0116_6_3)

NDIS Support Coordination

If Support Coordination is part of your NDIS plan, your Support Coordinator can assist you in identifying the available funding options for attending a Mobility Clinic, and guide you through the process of allocating funds for this purpose.

NDIS Budget Allocation

Each NDIS plan is unique, with allocated amounts for different support categories. It's essential to ensure that the attendance rates associated with the Mobility Clinic fall within the budget designated for relevant supports. Your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator can collaborate with you to determine this. 

What To Do When You Do Not Have Any Funding Options

If you find yourself without any funding options to contribute towards the attendance rates associated with attending our Mobility Clinics, we understand that this can be a challenging situation. We're here to help. Please reach out to us at [email protected], and our team will be happy to discuss potential solutions and alternative arrangements that may be available to ensure you can still participate in our Mobility Clinic events. Your wellbeing and access to our resources are essential to us, and we're committed to finding a way to support you. Don't hesitate to contact us for further details and assistance.