Meet the Prosthetics Team

The Össur Australia - Prosthetics division employs a highly collaborative and diverse staff who provide holistic customer support designed to meet and exceed expectations.

Our highly experienced clinical team has developed their clinical competency through direct management of amputees in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. The team is cross-trained in the most advanced upper and lower-extremity prosthetic technologies and fitting applications. Their mission is to continually strive to provide our customers with superior clinical and mobility outcomes for clients through direct customer visitation, course delivery, and advice. The team focuses on leveraging Össur technology solutions in conjunction with continual innovation of clinical methodologies that advance clinical competence and client outcomes.

Rod Cooper

Managing Director, Össur ANZ

Rod graduated from LaTrobe Unveristy with a Bachelor of Prosthetics (Hons) and has diverse industry experience in clinical provision, education and business development. Rod joined Össur in 2006 (a small independent distributor at the time) leading the growth of our bracing wholesale division. More recently, Rod has graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and became the Össur ANZ Regional Director in 2019. Rod is inspired to work for a company that values innovation and making a difference to the lives of those that receive our products and services.

Christopher Wallis

Sales Director, Prosthetics

Chris graduated from La Trobe University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics, and he has been working within the P&O industry for 20+ years. Since joining Össur in 2009, Chris has held roles in clinical sales and education, product marketing, and product management at local, regional, and global levels, giving him a deep understanding of the industry.

Chris is responsible for leading the Össur ANZ Prosthetics team, ensuring that our highly experienced and dedicated team is aligned, resourced, and supported to deliver our mission to improve people's mobility.

Sarah Mulroy-Lang, CPO

Senior Clinical Specialist, Prosthetics

Sarah graduated from the University of Salford (UK) with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Initially Sarah worked as a Prosthetist at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton between 2008-2012, gaining experience in a specialised rehabilitation setting, working with all levels of amputees, including the paediatric clinic which saw referrals from within the UK and globally.

In 2012 Sarah began working at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, Surrey which provided prosthetic intervention for injured soldiers, mainly suffering from multiple high-level traumatic amputations from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), treating mostly triple and bi-lateral trans-femoral amputees with excessive scaring and other injuries such as visual impairment.

Sarah moved on to work at Charing Cross Hospital, London which is a major trauma hospital receiving referrals from across London and the South East. She was a clinical educator for the students and new graduates and managed a varied and complex caseload.

Sarah was an active member of BAPO, sitting on the conference committee from 2010-2014, and a member of the Inter-Regional Prosthetic Audit Group (IRPAG) which seeks to improve the standard of care offered to amputees through a process of ongoing practice review and audit, represented by all the professional disciplines involved in the care of amputees.

In 2016 Sarah moved to Sydney and joined Össur as Clinical specialist in Prosthetics, providing clinical education programmes in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact Sarah at [email protected].

Rob Hodgson, CPO

Clinical Specialist, Prosthetics

Rob graduated from LaTrobe University, Melbourne in 2006 with a Bachelor degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Rob worked as a Prosthetist, then Senior Prosthetist at Albury Prothetics and Orthotics Service from 2006 - 2018 where he gained clinical experience with all levels of amputees and helped provide clinical services to rural clinics while working closely with Rehabilitation Specialists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Rob was a member of the Components Committee Panel for Enable NSW from 2010-2018.

Rob was the Clinical Supervisor for LaTrobe Univesity students placements each year, which was a requirement for final year Prosthetics students. Rob was chosen to help support athletes at the 2018 Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast, QLD, providing clinical support and repairs. Rob joined Össur Australia in September 2018 as a Clinical Specialist supporting clinicians and providing clinical education programmes in both Australia and New Zealand.

Contact Rob at [email protected].

Laura Roberts, CPO

Laura graduated from La Trobe University Melbourne in 2004 with a Bachelor degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Laura worked at The Royal Melbourne Hospital as a Prosthetist from 2004–2009, gaining valuable clinical experience in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation setting.

From 2009-2016 Laura worked at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne as a Prosthetist, then as a Senior Prosthetist, managing upper and lower limb deficient individuals, administrating the Amputee Clinic, and providing clinical supervision and support to junior clinicians. Laura was the Clinical Placement Supervisor for undergraduate prosthetics students and was actively involved in the Clinical School’s Network programme.

From 2017-2021 Laura worked as a Senior Prosthetist at Orthotic Prosthetic Solutions Perth, followed by Prosthetic Solutions Queensland. She had a varied caseload including paediatric and adult clients

Laura has contributed to tertiary education in Australia by way of sessional teaching and course development from 2015-2017, at both La Trobe University Melbourne and University of the Sunshine Coast.

Laura joined Össur Australia in April 2021 as a Clinical Specialist supporting clinicians and providing clinical education programmes.

Contact Laura at [email protected].

Priscilla Kehoe

Customer Care Director, Prosthetics

Priscilla and the Customer Care Team ensure that our customers have a superior end-to-end ordering and delivery experience for all Össur prosthetic products through proactive communication and rapid responses to customer requests.

Nick Roumonada

Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Prosthetics

In his role as the Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Nick supports the Prosthetics Team by working with and understanding better the needs of end-users and Allied Health partners. Being front and centre with these two major stakeholder groups, Nick’s goal is to understand the pains, gains and challenges each stakeholder group experiences with the aim of creating initiatives, programs, and innovative deliverables to help create value utilizing the Össur brand and values.

As an end user himself, Nick has been a part of supporting and inspiring Össur’s patient population for a number of years both personally and professionally. With a degree in business from The New School University, Nick’s experience has been in the for and non-profit sectors, with a focus on sales, marketing, communication and management. In his experience as the Business Development Manager for the US based non-profit, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Nick was a part of not only creating and implementing fundraising opportunities, but he also worked with patients side by side as a mobility coach – encouraging patients and their rehabilitation through sport. Similarly, in his most recent Senior Business Development role at Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, Nick not only drove business through collaboration with key partners in the healthcare community, but he again sat front and centre with patients as peer support – helping patients and their families to better navigate their limb loss journey.

Nick is thrilled to be here in Australia, with his wife and two young children, and can’t wait to continue his passionate work – always looking to help deliver uncompromised outcomes and a life without limitations.

Cathy Howells

Physiotherapy Consultant, Prosthetics

Cathy supports our customers and clients in the region by sharing over 30 years of expertise in amputee physio care. She is the author of “The Amputee Coach – Empowering You to Walk Well, Be Fit and Enjoy Life!” which was published in 2009. Cathy is also our lead Mobility Clinic coach and guides the evolution of these clinics which are empowering amputees throughout the region to gain mobility skills and confidence.

Ambassadors and Mobility Clinic Coaches

Our Ambassadors and Coaches are essential partners who lead and support delivery of our Mobility Clinics, supplemental allied-health and customer education initiatives, and amputee community support throughout the region: