Nuria’s Story

“I don’t have to think about every move I make... and that feeling of confidence has played a huge role in helping me to regain the quality and expectations of life that I had before”

Nuria Rivas has had a long-standing relationship with RHEO KNEE. The technology and functionality of the knee has continued to evolve over the last decade, likewise Nuria’s confidence and quality of life.

Years ago, Nuria was unfortunate in having numerous infections, following surgery on her leg for cancer. She decided, in conjunction with her medical team, to eliminate the pain, thankful that she could go through the process of grieving for her leg and let go in a positive way, conscious that this was an opportunity to keep on living.

Today, with a lifestyle that’s as busy and vibrant as the city she lives in, Nuria is on the go for much of the day. From leaving her apartment and travelling to the office where she works, to maybe an hour of yoga before meeting friends and relaxing over dinner, it’s the freedom to be herself that she values most.

“I check my knee and check my make-up. Then my day begins, and I don’t have to give my prosthesis a second thought”

Whether she is jogging, walking, or sitting down, Nuria says her focus is usually on her next meeting, as opposed to her next move.

“Even on steps, my RHEO KNEE acts so naturally and keeps me safe. I know I can trust it to work beautifully with my Pro-Flex LP Torsion foot, letting me get on with life the way I like it.”

What Nuria Uses

These days, Nuria uses a Pro-Flex LP Torsion and a Seal-In liner with her RHEO KNEE. She needs a low profile foot (LP) as her lower limb isn't long enough to accommodate any other kind of foot beneath the knee. Pro-Flex LP is one of the most dynamic low profile feet on the market, so it supports her active lifestyle perfectly. And the Torsion module gives an added boost to its functionality, helping to absorb the shock forces that can be generated by higher-impact activities and supporting any twisting or turning movements.

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