Research & Development

Össur is a pioneer of advanced technology where our brand recognition is based on innovative and scientifically proven solutions that deliver effective clinical outcomes. By listening and understanding people’s needs and pushing the boundaries of technology, we continue to create some of the best products and services available in the fields of prosthetics and bracing & supports.

Össur develops prosthetics and bracing solutions, from an idea to a finished product. With every product, the aim is to deliver cost effective medical solutions that provide value for end-users and the healthcare system. When a product is designed, Össur accumulates medical and biomechanical data during the development process to verify product safety and efficacy before launch. Also, to obtain independent clinical evidence for product outcomes as well as health economic data, Össur initiates and promotes clinical studies in cooperation with leading scientists, institutions, and healthcare professionals in the field.

Össur makes a significant investment every year in R&D to further advance products and technologies and work on new innovative products for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Össur supports open collaboration within the industry and academia, through technical projects. They are often used as testbeds with universities, in areas which would be considered experimental and of higher uncertainty than the usual product development pipelines, leading to interesting collaborations and broadening expertise on variety of fields.

“Always at the forefront of innovation, Össur keeps up the momentum through significant levels of investment in R&D, extensive technical and clinical expertise in the fields of prosthetics and bracing and highly productive relationships with research partners worldwide.”

Hildur Einarsdóttir, EVP of Research & Development


Össur's vigorous commitment to innovation and advanced technologies has helped to give new confidence to millions of people with impaired mobility. From braces that improve stability and relieve pain, to cutting edge prosthetic limbs that aim to offer the closest prospect yet to replicating natural motion, Össur‘s products represent the latest and best in orthopaedic design.

The company‘s continued success owes much to its accumulated expertise in five core competencies: Bionic Technology, Carbon Composites, Silicone, Mechanics and Injection Molding.

Functional trade-up through technology

Össur’s proven technology platforms in the field of prosthetics are the foundation for new solutions which are regularly brought to market. Among recent products are those catering for the less active, more reliant amputee, facilitating functional trade-up through technology for this population. These products are specifically designed as complete solutions, aesthetically pleasing and user centric.

New Technologies

In collaboration with external parties, Össur has continued to explore the field of augmenting systems; wearable exoskeletons designed for both medical rehabilitation and industrial applications. Össur is applying existing high-end technology platforms ranging from bracing & supports to prosthetics to further advance the exploration and development in this area.

New Product Idea Submission

Össur appreciates interest of outside inventors in approaching the company with their ideas for evaluation.  Learn more here.