Strong portfolio of Intellectual Property

Össur protects its investment in R&D by strategically growing its intellectual property portfolio. Proprietary technologies and products are protected with various types of intellectual property rights, such as patents, design registrations and, trade secrets. The IP portfolio is well diversified and representative of the business areas and markets in which Össur operates.

In recent years, the portfolio has grown around 10% annually, which is mostly contributed to in-house innovation efforts. In 2020 alone, Össur was granted 85 new patents in addition to filing 117 new patent applications. At year-end 2020, Össur had over 1,700 granted patents and some 317 patent applications pending. In addition, Össur’s brand is protected by more than 500 trademark registrations.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Össur ranks second in the world for top patent applicants in conventional mobility technologies. Össur is also among the top applicants in patent filings for advanced prosthetics and exoskeletons and ranks 12th in the world among top patent applicants for emerging assistive technologies.

“The center of Össur’s business model is its ability to develop and commercialize new innovative products in both prosthetics and bracing & supports.”