Strong portfolio of Intellectual Property

Innovative solutions are one of the three main pillars of Össur’s strategy. Developing and strategically growing a strong intellectual portfolio is key in sustaining our position as an innovation leader in the industry. Our IP portfolio consists of various types of IP rights, strategically developed, and registered to protect our products and proprietary technologies, as well as the Össur brand. The IP portfolio is well diversified and representative of the business areas and markets in which Össur operates.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Össur ranks second in the world for top patent applicants in conventional mobility technologies. Össur is also among the top applicants in patent filings for advanced prosthetics and exoskeletons and ranks 12th in the world among top patent applicants for emerging assistive technologies.

Patent Portfolio
At year-end 2022, the IP portfolio consisted of, inter alia, over 2,000 patents and patent applications and around 650 trademarks.