Clinical research & studies

The Össur Orthopaedic Research Grant Program is designed to provide funding for scientific inquiry in the areas of lower extremity biomechanics, dynamic/active rehabilitation, ortho biologics, functional bracing, clinical patient outcomes, and, related healthcare economics

Research grants

Applying for a research grant

Individuals/institutions wishing to apply for a research grant should follow the following guidelines. Materials should be sent electronically to Kristjansson K., MD, Medical Officer at [email protected]

Research proposals must include the following information:

  1. Abstract. This section should provide a summary of the project.
  2. Scientific Rationale and Plan. This section should include a full description of the study hypothesis(es) or question(s), design, methods, scientific background of the project, and scientific approach.
  3. Timeline. This section should describe the goals to be completed within two years. In addition, it should describe necessary steps and an estimated timeline until this research would be available for clinical use.
  4. Prior Work Summary. This section should highlight previous work on this project , both individually and with co-investigators.
  5. Funding Sources. This section should list any other previous, current, or pending funding for this project.
  6. Disease/Condition Orientation; Clinical Significance. This section should describe how the project advances the understanding of a disease/condition and its’ clinical application and significance.
  7. Success. This section should discuss why this has a high expectation for success.
  8. Layperson Summary. A summary of the project that could be understood by a lay audience (not to exceed 1 page). Page limit for above items is 10 pages, single spaced, font size 12 or larger. Page limitation includes references.
  9. CV of Primary Investigator, including previous and current funded research.
  10. Budget. This section should include a single complete budget showing direct and indirect costs.
  11. A cover page with the following information is required:
  • Title of Proposal
  • Name, credentials and contact information for Principal Investigator
  • Names, credentials and contact information for all Co-Investigators