Are the recent regulatory changes causing you concern or confusion?

Competitive Bidding Round 2021 took effect on January 1, 2021. This round includes off the shelf knee and back braces. Only the winning bidders in a specific geographical area can provide these braces to Medicare beneficiaries. The exception to this rule is physicians and PTs/OTs may provide the braces to their patients as part of the treatment.

Össur Empower - a fully automated, fully customizable DMEPOS Practice and Workflow Management Solution is designed to support you and your practice with Competitive Bidding as part of its consulting services. Empower has been designed to help physician practices, durable medical equipment, and prosthetic and orthotic suppliers (DMEPOS) comply with the new, federally mandated Competitive Bidding requirements for knee and back braces that went into effect on January 1, 2021.

Empower support features include:

Mapping 2 L-codes
to one item

Validating zip codes
for competitive bid areas

Correct fee schedules based
on beneficiary location

Accurate reporting
and billing

Empower includes built-in prompts for new reimbursement coding and document capture requirements, as well as automatic mapping to designated CBA Medicare payers based on a patient’s address. Össur also offers a vast line of bracing and support technologies, from off-the-shelf to custom-fit options in the company’s flagship Rebound®, Unloader®, Formfit® and Miami® lines that remain compliant within the new Competitive Bidding guidelines.

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