Pro-Flex prosthetic feet feature a proprietary 3-blade design with full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe.  This gives the push-off you need for a more fluid, natural and confident stride. Pro-Flex is now available with heel-height adjustability to accommodate a variety of your daily activities.

Pro-Flex feet are designed to enhance range-of-motion and energy return compared to other feet on the market. Lower limb amputation can compromise walking dynamics and increase stress on an amputee's sound side. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the incidence of knee OA in below-knee amputees is 17 times greater than in the general population. In the case of diabetic or dysvascular amputees, increased loads can also contribute to foot ulcers, potentially requiring further surgery. Over a lifetime of steps, the potential health benefits of a foot that reduces stress on your sound side are clear.

The Pro-Flex Family

Want to know more about the Pro-Flex family of prosthetic feet?

Watch this brief video to learn the mechanics that power Pro-Flex.

New foot blade design

Full effective toe length and new design contribute to a more fluid and natural progression from heel strike to toe off than a conventional energy storing and return foot.

A shell as innovative as the foot it covers

The Pro-Flex foot cover features lightweight construction and a grippy sole for barefoot stability on wet, slick surfaces. It is easy to clean, adapts to a range of footwear and has a natural arch and footprint.

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