Melissa's life as a prosthetic hand user

“I used prosthetic hands when I was younger, but always found them a burden to use. However, as I got older, I grew more self-conscious about my arm, and even found myself being embarrassed about it at times. I also found myself getting frustrated if I struggled to do daily tasks that other people would find simple, such as tying my shoelaces or preparing a meal, even trying to carry more than one item at a time.

Since getting my i-Limb Quantum, I can now do these once difficult and time-consuming tasks with ease. Although my prosthetic hand has hugely helped me with performing these everyday tasks, it has most greatly helped me improve my confidence. Before I had my prosthetic, when people asked me about my limb loss there was an overwhelming element of pity. Now when people ask me, they are genuinely intrigued and impressed, and I feel proud to discuss my prosthetic hand with anyone who asks.

My i-Limb has increased my confidence in both my social and professional life. I’m no longer anxious when meeting new people, whether it be at a party or a job interview. I’m no longer worried that they will notice my arm. I feel my prosthetic hand gave me the encouragement I needed to strive for what I wanted. "

Melissa Masterton (1998) is living in Edinburgh and has graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc in Marine Biology. She plans to go travelling and volunteer with different animal rescue charities, as animal welfare is a big passion of hers and is something which she hopes to pursue in her future career.

She was born without her left forearm and got her i-Limb when she was 16 years old.

What Melissa uses

Melissa uses the i-Limb Quantum.