Gary's life using prosthetic fingers

“After various surgeries, I was left with a stump which I hated looking at and often I hid it away.  I had also lost a lot of confidence. Using i-Digits has helped me gain my independence back.  I can now cut-up my own food instead of asking friends or family. I love the robotic look of my prosthetic fingers and they are a brilliant tool for the things you take for granted such as fastening my own shoelaces, using cutlery or carrying cases. These activities are all now possible. My prosthesis has had a massive impact on my confidence as I will happily chat or demonstrate the usefulness of my new hand. I consider my prosthesis as part of my body now. I will never get my hand back, but my prosthetic fingers are a better replacement than I ever thought was possible and have had such a positive effect on my life.”

Gary McKeown (1968) is a care worker and lives in Cheshire.

After an accident at work in 2009, Gary spent 2 years undergoing multiple surgeries in an attempt to restore function to his left hand.  Despite three attempts, Gary experienced no significant improvement and therefore elected to have an amputation of the remaining fingers of his hand, at trans-metacarpal level.

He now uses i-Digits, Össur’s myoelectric partial hand solution that provides him with prosthetic fingers.

What Gary uses

Gary uses i-digits.