Naked Prosthetics positively impacts people with finger and partial-hand amputations by providing custom-made, high-quality functional finger prostheses that are precisely tailored to an individual’s hand structure.


The PIPDriver is a body-controlled prosthesis designed for a finger amputation or limb difference on the proximal or distal phalanx.

The design of this prosthesis is anatomically adapted to the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints for intuitive, natural movements.


  • Improved functionality for activities of daily living
  • Easy to clean, easy to care for, easy to put on and take off
  • Cage-like structure protects the residual finger
  • Slim, smooth design allows the prosthesis to be worn on two or more adjacent fingers
  • Conductive Tip option for touchscreen operation


A robust, custom, functional solution.

The MCPDriver is a body-driven prosthesis designed for a finger amputation or limb difference on the MCP joint of the index, middle, ring, and/or the little finger.

An MCPDriver restores the original finger length and thereby helps imitate natural gripping patterns. The MCPDriver excels at restoring pinch, key, cylindrical, and power grasps, as well as grip stability.

Thanks to the durable stainless-steel linkages and robust components, you can return to a highly demanding lifestyle.


  • A silicone pad cushions the backplate for improved comfort.
  • Interchangeable silicone adjustment inserts can be used to vary the volume.
  • Adjusting discs can be used to obtain the best possible fit.
  • Natural abduction and adduction allow you to use the prosthesis intuitively. The acclimatisation time after the initial fitting of the prosthesis can be considerably reduced as a result.
  • Conductive Tip option for touch screen operation.


Restores counter-support and strength.

The ThumbDriver is a body-controlled prosthesis designed for an amputation or limb difference on the MCP joint of the thumb.

A ThumbDriver can restore two and three-point grips, enables secure gripping patterns with medium to large diameters, and improves fine motor functions and skills.


This design features an adjustable preflex option, allowing you to adapt the prosthesis according to the requirements of the respective task to be performed. Functional gripping patterns can be attained more easily as a result.

GripLock Finger™

The Naked Prosthetics solution for a finger amputation or limb difference close to the MCP joint.

The GripLock Finger is a passive, positionable prosthetic finger designed for a finger amputation or limb difference on the MCP joint of the index, middle, ring, and/or little finger. It is intended for use in conjunction with a custom-made socket adapted by a certified prosthetist.

You can flex the finger to various degrees with your other hand or on a hard surface. Subsequently, you can release and fully extend the GripLock Finger by pressing the latch (lever arm) on the back or flexing the finger beyond the last locking position.

A GripLock Finger can restore the original length, support the use of both hands, prevent a misalignment of the metacarpal bone, and provide a valuable tool to master all your daily living activities.

GripLock Fingers can be combined with our MCPDriver, PIPDriver, and/or ThumbDriver, and they are offered in the same colour and design options.