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Does Össur offer hands which are eligible for funding?

Össur Touch Solutions are at the forefront of innovation for upper limb prosthetic solutions, with a variety of options to suit different users and lifestyles. Within the new NHS Funding for multi-grip hands, we can offer both i-Limb and i-Digits solutions, contact us to discuss further.

i-Limb Ultra

The i-Limb Ultra, a myoelectric, multi-articulating prosthetic hand with five individually powered digits offers electrically rotating thumb with manual override.

i-Limb Quantum

The i-Limb Quantum is Össur's premium multi-articulating myoelectric hand. It is crafted with titanium digits for a 50% increase in carry load, up to 30% more grip force and a 30% speed boost to enhance natural motion, strength and functionality.

i-Digits Access

i-Digits Access is a myoelectric prosthetic device for individuals with partial hand loss or deficiency.

What are my next steps?

In the first instance you should contact your local prosthetic centre to discuss your suitability for a multi-grip hand and the funding process for your centre. To qualify for the NHS England funding, all users will need to follow the below process:

  1. Selection: Suitability of the user in relation to the criteria set within the policy, with an assessment performed by a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team
  2. Prioritisation: Users will be assessed in relation to their clinical need due to budgetary constraints
  3. Full clinical assessment: A complete physical examination combined with assessments of your medical and activity history and current status
  4. Goal setting & expectations: This refers to the outlining of SMART objectives and management of what is expected from the MDT and the user
  5. Trial: Once you have been accepted a trial will be arranged

Following the trial, a number of outcome measures and reviews will determine the suitability for you to continue with the Multi-Grip Hand.

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Am I eligible for the funding?

Eligibility for funding will be determined by the MDT at your prosthetic centre. This will be established after individual user training and assessment of function.

Is the funding only available to those living in England?

Unfortunately yes. The new funding only discusses provision through NHS England. Budget may be available to those living in Scotland, Wales and Ireland however this will be a separate matter and will be dealt with on a case by case basis and subject to local budgetary constraints and availability. We would advise you to speak with your local prosthetic clinic to discuss in more detail.

Where can I find my local prosthetic clinic?

Contact us if you don't already have a prosthetic clinic and we will be able to point you in the right direction.