Össur Academy Personnel

Our Össur Academy team has a strong professional commitment to render the best possible services to our customers. Comprised of well educated professionals, all team members are dedicated to the goals of the Össur Academy: "To further the level of education and quality of prosthetic and orthopaedic knowledge among professionals, patients and their families".


Richard Hirons

Clinical Specialist - Prosthetics

Richard has over 30 years of experience working in the prosthetics industry, having worked first hand in the NHS before joining Össur. Richard continues to work with amputees across the private and public sector as well as working with professional athletes such as Richard Whitehead and Jonnie Peacock.

Ollie Smith

Clinical Specialist - Prosthetics

With over 10 years of experience, Ollie works closely with hospitals and military establishments across the UK, working to enhance the lives of amputees through the use of innovative products and treatment programmes.

Rachel Humpherson

Physiotherapist, Prosthetics

Having had a keen interest in Amputee Rehabilitation since working at a private prosthetic clinic after graduating in 2011, Rachel continued to gain experience in this area whilst working in the community and private clinics.

Rachel has been working at Össur since 2017, training UK physiotherapists on using Össur products.

Marcel Waltman

Clinical Specialist – Prosthetics

Marcel has over 18 years of experience in rehabilitation centres as a CPO and has been working as a clinical specialist in prosthetics at Össur for 13 years. With Benelux as his main area, he supports customers on site and gives trainings to CPOs, physio therapists and other disciplines in the O&P and rehabilitation field.

Sven Johansson

Clinical Specialist - Prosthetics

Sven has over 30 years of experience working in the prosthetics field, having worked as clinical CPO and as Program Coordinator/lecturer for the Swedish CPO education before joining Össur 2003.

Sven continues to be focusing on the successful clinical outcomes for users in his different roles and responsibilities within Össur. Sven has a special focus on Bionics for lower limb amputees, covering the Nordic area.

Isak Haapaniemi

Clinical Specialist – Prosthetics

After graduating in 2002 Isak has held roles globally as a CPO clinician, educator and in the role of clinical support. Isak joined Össur in 2017 with a special focus on the upper limb prosthetics, covering the Nordic area.

David Lindgren

Clinical Specialist – Prosthetics

With more than 12 years of experience as a CPO, David brings a lot of knowledge to this team. He is focusing mostly on lower limb prosthesis and Direct Socket and has experience in working with both patients in the rehabilitation phase and long time amputees.

Felix Senelle

Clinical Specialist – Prosthetics

Felix joined Össur with more than 10 years of experience as a CPO. His prime motivation is keeping the user needs in focus. Felix enjoys working internationally, and after different roles and responsibilities within Össur, he is now focusing on the Nordic region.


Giles Leeming

Clinical Specialist - Orthotics

Giles Leeming is our clinical specialist with over 10 years’ experience of managing orthotic solutions for patients across the private and public sector. Giles is available to discuss treatment options and product training.