Spinal braces can be used for a variety of indications. We have got neck braces available, which give comfort, support and stability when having a neck hernia, whiplash or other spinal column injury.

In addition, we also have neck braces to immobilise the neck when in a rehabilitation phase.

A large part of the spinal column is the back. There are various back injuries where a back brace can support, for example when having backpain due to damaged muscles or when immobilisation is required after surgery.

The Sources of Back Pain

The lumbar region is where the majority of the injuries tend to occur. Most of the times, the injury is not caused by a serious condition. It may arise from poor posture, lifting a heavy item or twisting the back. The back pain may be due to strain in the muscles surrounding the spine. Treatment options include rest, physiotherapy (to work on strengthening the muscles in the back) and the use of a back brace or lumbar support for an additional level of protection outside of any physiotherapy sessions.

Injury to the back can also affect the nerves in the spinal column causing pain not only in the back but also in the lower limbs. Sciatica and spinal stenosis are conditions caused by changes in the spine with symptoms affecting the thighs and buttocks.

What Does a Back Support Offer?

They are designed to offer back pain support with compressive and proprioceptive benefits. Compression works to manage inflammation which in turn can offer pain relieving qualities. They can also be used to help with conditions relating to the nervous system such as sciatica.

Following an injury to the lumbar region a back support can be worn to help manage the complaint. The compression here helps to aid mobility and avoid any ambiguous movements of the spine which could result in further injury and pain.

It’s important to note that a back support is mostly used in conjunction with other treatment options in order to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine.


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