Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System

With Unity by Össur, there is finally an elevated vacuum system for all prosthetic users. Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System offers the flexibility to fit your patients with the ideal prosthetic solutions for optimal outcomes.

Benefits of elevated vacuum:

  • Controls volume and reduces fluctuations
  • Improves socket fit and enhances suspension
  • Reduces pistoning and rotation
  • Promotes skin and limb health
  • Improves comfort
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Optimizes gait characteristics
“With Unity, my comfort, stability and limb health has increased significantly.”

Alti Ndreka, Above Knee User & CP/LP

How to order

If you are interested in a Unity solution for your patient, please contact Össur Customer Service.

“Balance Knee and K2 Sensation with Unity is a perfect combination for the K2 population.”

Scott Saunders, CPO

Unity Sleeveless Vacuum - Darrel’s Story

Meet Darrel, a 44 year old amputee, IT Professional, Taekwondo Instructor and family man. He has been an amputee for 39 years after losing his lower right leg in a machinery accident when he was just 5 years old. Darrel works at an energy utility in Newcastle and leads an active life with his family, playing sport, and developing new challenges for himself.

Growing up in a small farming community surrounded by great family support, Darrel was just like any other boy, constantly on the go, with hobbies such as motor bike riding, BMX, tennis, hockey, hiking and anything that involved an adventure.

Darrel can now train for hours, be on his feet all day at work, chase his kids around the park or go for a 5km jog with his wife and be confident that the system will keep up with him.

“The Unity system with a Seal-In® V liner and paired to the Re-Flex Shock™ I am unstoppable! It gives me confidence, performance and a comfort I never had before.”

Darrel on being introduced to the Unity® Vacuum System in 2014.

Unity Sleeveless Vacuum - Ann Marie's Story

Ann Marie Rivera has been using Unity in conjunction with her Re-Flex Rotate foot for some time now. An active young woman, she has not one, but two jobs -- one in pediatric intensive care and the other as a school nurse.

"Unity has made me feel completely secure, even when I'm walking barefoot -- it's like my prosthesis is part of my leg. Before, I had to use a sleeve and socks, and that limited my range of motion. Now I can honestly say that when I wake up in the morning, I put on my leg and just wear it all day, it's that simple."

Unity Sleeveless Vacuum – Bob’s Story

Bob McGuire is a moderately active, 79-year-old unilateral above-knee amputee of the left leg.

Mr. McGuire is fitted with a Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System, Seal-in X TF liner, RHEO KNEE 3 and Re-Flex Rotate.

Unity Sleeveless Vacuum – Haiwatha's Story

Hiawatha Sanders is a low-active, 60-year-old unilateral above-knee amputee of the left leg.

Mr. Sanders is fitted with a Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System, Seal-In X TF liner, Balance Knee and a Flex-Foot Balance.

Unity System Course

Össur Academy is committed to improving the quality of prosthetic knowledge for enhanced clinical success and patient outcomes with our products. To ensure optimal outcomes with our Unity Vacuum System, we offer a product course which provides prosthetists with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully fit Unity with a wide range of compatible Össur products.


For more information on Unity, please explore the brochures below.