Stephen Race's PROPRIO FOOT Story

I was amputated below the knee with a very short residual stump following a work injury whilst repairing mining/earthmoving equipment. Since my amputation, I was fitted with multiple types of prosthetics and electronic ankles and have now been fitted with the PROPRIO FOOT.

I’ve been wearing different types of microprocessor ankles for many years however I found the PROPRIO FOOT to be the simplest to use. The PROPRIO FOOT is very reliable, and I find I’m less tired throughout the day. The weight of the prosthesis is less than other designs I’ve tried, and I feel less fatigued when using the PROPRIO FOOT. I feel more confident now I’m using the PROPRIO FOOT due to the ankle being used in combination with a great energy storing carbon fibre foot. For me this means that if I forget to charge the battery or if it runs out, I am not left immobilised as this ankle has a responsive carbon foot attached. 

The Össur Logic App has been useful to quickly connect to the PROPRIO FOOT and have a visual on battery status, step count and standby mode. It’s very simple to use the App when changing the heel height for different shoes.

The PROPRIO FOOT has improved my comfort by enabling me to walk more naturally. I’m also able to climb up and into the machines on-site easily and have even ridden a skateboard with it. I find it easier to navigate uneven surfaces such as building sites and mine sites. This makes me feel more comfortable in my socket and I’m able to walk further than before.

I find I’m less fatigued on slopes and ramps as this foot adjusts to accommodate the surface angles and makes it more comfortable for me to walk on.

The PROPRIO FOOT has positively impacted my life, giving me more flexibility at work and at home to utilise the prosthesis for longer periods.