Sophie was born with a congenital limb difference that resulted in her undergoing a right symes amputation in 2015 at the age of 13 months. From her first ‘peg leg’ prosthesis, Sophie has loved running around with friends, dancing like a ballerina and chasing her furry feline sisters for hugs! Although her walking leg let her run around a bit, it was heavy and made her slower than her friends.

Everything changed when Sophie got her first Cheetah® Xplore Junior (running blade) in 2016. Adorned with a beautiful ballerina cosmetic cover, the extra spring in her step meant she could run together with her friends, bounce in ballet class and catch her furry sisters.

Sophie is now on her second Cheetah® Xplore Junior blade (after outgrowing no.1!) and her walking leg barely gets a look-in. The mobility it provides her has been transformational and allows her to make the most of sports and playtime at school. Thanks to her Cheetah® Xplore Junior, Sophie has walked up mountains, ran cross country non-stop and caught many cat cuddles.