Russell Fry's i-Limb Quantum Story

I was born without my right hand and although this came with challenges growing up, I’ve never considered any limits or accepted there was anything I couldn’t do. To get through adversity, I trained longer, harder and more often than anybody else. If there was ever anything I wanted to do, I figured out a way I could do it, adapted and got it done. I have represented Australia at World Muay Thai Titles in Bangkok, Thailand, against able-bodied opponents and have competed in many physical races such as Spartan obstacle races, adventure/multi-sport races and mountain bike races.

Although I have always thought of myself as a confident person in any situation, after being fitted with the i-Limb Quantum, I’m amazed how much this has boosted my confidence and had a positive impact on my life. I now prefer not to leave the house without wearing the i-Limb Quantum.

There isn’t a comparable product, everything else I’ve used in my adult life has been a purpose-built attachment for a specific task or non-functioning. The i-Limb Quantum is as close to ‘normal’ and having a real hand as possible, with gesture controls that are easy to use.

I enjoy the look, feel and functionality of the i-Limb Quantum and prefer to use the black gloves. If you have a super cool bionic hand, why try to hide it when you can show it off!

The i-Limb Quantum has allowed me to complete simple, everyday tasks with two hands instead of one with its improved functionality and posture. As basic as it sounds, wearing long sleeve shirts, coats and jumpers with a realistic-looking hand that has natural movement has given me confidence.

As a business development manager, I am constantly meeting people and shaking hands, so the i-Limb Quantum allows me to greet people without the awkwardness of trying to compensate for a left-handed handshake. Shaking hands with a bionic hand is a great icebreaker as well!

With the i-Limb Quantum, I can now use both hands to put something in the bin as I lift the lid, open a tin or bottle without having to hold it against my body and filling up a water bottle whilst keeping the tap turned on. I can now do things for my family including carrying a glass of water for both my partner and I, as well as allowing me to hold my little girl’s hand whilst carrying groceries or other objects.

My posture and comfort have improved immensely when driving a car and doing simple tasks such as pushing the shopping trolley as I don’t have to lean over on one side.

My partner, Kerri, comments on how much more confident I am, “The i-Limb Quantum has given Russell a huge confidence boost for when he is in public and now prefers not to leave the house without it. It also helps with his self-image as he now has more options for clothing choices and is enjoying being able to wear clothes he didn’t feel comfortable in previously. He also now demands that he pushes the trolley at the grocery store as he is now able to push them standing up straight.”

My daughter, Lauren, also commented on my new arm, “I love that dad has a new robot hand”.

Before I was fitted with an i-Limb Quantum, I used to shy away or hide my arm when picking up my 7-year-old daughter from school. I didn’t want the kids to point out or make a big deal of it, and though it didn’t bother me as much, I noticed that the kid’s parents would be embarrassed or apologetic, which in turn made me feel embarrassed. Now wearing the i-Limb Quantum, or ‘Robot Arm’ as the kids call it, it’s a completely different type of attention which I love. I now walk into the school feeling like a rock star and every kid wants to check out the ‘Robot’ hand.

Unconsciously, I used to try and hold my arm out of view, but now I feel comfortable and confident in any situation.