Matthew Demetrios' Story

I had always missed running which was once a daily ritual for me and to be honest it got me down from time to time, not being able to run. Once putting on the Flex-Run, the impact was instant, it is something I missed so much, it gave me the freedom to be myself again and enjoy doing something I always loved. I felt free, fast, and fitter, stronger than ever!

The biggest change happened when I was fitted with the Cheetah Xplore. It gave me my life back and enabled me to be the father figure I have always wanted to be. I went from living a relatively active life and disappointed at times that I could not pick my kids up or run around with them to living the life I had always dreamt of. From the everyday comfort, wearing my legs from 6am – 11pm without being tired or getting tights muscles, assisting me in my real estate career, where I am on my feet all day and having to climb multiple levels. It gave me the confidence to be me and keep up with those around me, it was incredible.

Simple things I missed such as running across a road to catch a bus in everyday legs, walking unassisted upstairs with no need for rails, dancing with my wife like the good old days and last but not least, being able to kick a ball and run around with my two young girls, this was my biggest life changer and I have enjoyed every moment of their child hood with confidence and ability to be the father I want to be with no limitations.

My family and friends say they have never seen me happier and more confident which is making me a better husband and father, I have dropped 10kg and back to my original athletic fitness which I struggled with previously and my career is going from strength to strength. Having such wonderful technology in my life has change my life so much and I have dreams of achieving so much more! My life is going from strength to strength!