Jeremy McGrath's Re-Flex Shock Story

I own many prosthetic legs, including a rowing leg, a sprinting leg and my everyday leg.

The Re-flex Shock has been the best everyday leg I have ever had, however, when I first upgraded to it from the generic legs I have used in the past, I surprisingly didn't notice a huge difference. It was only once I had become used to the Re-flex Shock and tried on my old generic legs that I noticed how stiff and unresponsive my old legs really were.

The Re-flex shock has improved my running (allowing me to run in the City2Surf for the first time last year) and has been the only leg I have had which has been able to withstand the pressure I put on it in training and at the gym.

I love the Re-flex Shock because I know I can use it for almost every occasion such as walking, running, snowboarding, javelin training, soccer, etc.

The Re-flex Shock was the first leg that I didn't ask to have a sleeve to be put over the leg, as I felt like I wanted to show it off. I was once stopped in the United States by a TSA officer who saw my leg on the scanner (I was wearing jeans, so he couldn't see it without the scanner) and asked me where I got the leg from as it was the coolest looking leg he had ever seen.

I enjoy using the Re-flex Shock as it helps me to be confident in any occasion. It is reliable as I have tested it in so many different situations. I feel I am more open to trying new things because I don’t question my capacity as much as I used to.

My Re-flex Shock has helped me become more confident when wearing shorts and going to the beach because of the unique design.