Jamie Warner's Story

I would first like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. My name is Jamie Warner and I am a Below Knee Amputee as a result of a motorcycle and car accident 16 years ago. I work as an allied health assistant at the Eden Private Hospital on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Eden is a private rehabilitation hospital where our clients spend time recovering from various types of orthopaedic surgery and learn to live with conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS. I have just completed my first year Bachelor of Health Science degree with an extended major in Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Sunshine Coast. Only two years to go and I will be a qualified prosthetist. My family life consists of my wife Melissa and our 3 daughters Kobi (7), Amia (4) and Cleo (2). We are a busy family that enjoys camping and spending time together.

Three weeks ago my prosthetist Steven Bertels, at Sunshine Orthopaedic Services, and I built a new everyday leg which consists of the Pro-Flex®XC Torsion with Unity®elevated vacuum system and Icelock 544 Valve. I also wear an Iceross Seal-In V liner with my prosthesis. I have been amazed at the freedom my new leg has given me. I have been on the Unity system for a few years now and find it the most comfortable suspension system of all the different types I have used over the years.

The new Pro-Flex®XC Torsion is AMAZING! As a user, the increased amount of vertical shock has given me a spring in my step I have not had since I had my amputation. Even the colleagues I work with whom have known me the entire time I have been an amputee have recently commented on how much better and freely I am walking. The increased torsion is also a benefit to me in the type of work I do as I am constantly stopping and changing direction or standing still and rotating while assisting my clients, allowing me to get through my work day with very little stress through my lower back. The increase tibial progression is also beneficial for me when I am camping or being outdoors where I am walking over varied and uneven surfaces, meaning I do not have to compensate so much through my knee and my hip. I am also excited that I have a split toe foot cover so I can wear my thongs again. Summer in QLD and shoes and socks is not much fun!

I would like to praise Össur for the quality of their products and thank them for giving me more freedom in my life as an amputee as I feel as good as I did the day before I had my accident.