Glenn Bedwell's Story

Glenn is 62 years old, married with two sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. Glenn became a right above knee amputee in 1991 after being hit by a motor vehicle when packing the car boot.

Whilst recovering from the amputation, Glenn's employer relocated him to Sydney so that he could continue to work in an office environment. It was then that Glenn attended a clinic at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and met my Prosthetist David Howells and Physiotherapist Cathy Howells. To meet this amazing group of people whilst still coming to terms with his amputation and still in the process of learning to walk was like winning the lottery.

In 2012 Glenn underwent Osseointegration surgery by Professor Munjed Al Muderis at Macquarie University Hospital Sydney. Glenn has since been fitted with the RHEO KNEE® and PROPRIO FOOT®. Glenn is now retired and using the RHEO KNEE and PROPRIO FOOT daily, wishing to remain healthy and mobile into the future and this combination of knee and foot will help him do that. Glenn exercises daily, walking a minimum of 10 kilometres at a time. Walking feels both safe and comfortable for as far as he wishes to travel, as the knee is always where it needs to be - providing Glenn with all the safety and support, even on uneven ground.

The combination of RHEO KNEE and the PROPRIO ankle component works faultlessly together, allowing Glen to live an active life, even in retirement! Almost as important as this is that the RHEO KNEE and PROPRIO FOOT will be there for him, even after a few red wines!