Don Elgin’s Story

Don was born without the below half of his left leg. Don is an extremely active person from the morning, right until the time to go to bed. This is why the Cheetah® Xplore was chosen for Don.

Don has been able to wear many different prosthetic products which allowed a Life Without Limitations. Don attempted to be the best below knee amputee in the world in the Pentathlon, 5 track and field event. In pursuit of this goal, I represented Australia at 4 World Championships, 3 Paralympics, 2 World Cups and 1 Commonwealth Games. Climbing to number 2 in the world in the Pentathlon and in Athens 2004 became a Triple Paralympic medallist.

There is no need to change legs when Don's son asks to have a kick of the footy with him. Some products are designed to give an ideal walking gait or an advantage to the amputee to run, the Cheetah® Xplore combines both seamlessly.

Don loves that there is no restriction in any way to life. As an active father of four and someone who is on their feet for most of the day, Don finds the Cheetah® Xplore perfect.