David Gould's Story

Being a quadruple amputee, with only a right-side functional hand, the Össur i-Limb® Quantum hand has improved my life. I am totally dependent on my prosthesis on my right side, as my left side is inoperable due to suffering from a massive stroke. The i-Limb Quantum has allowed me to gain my independence in using utensils to eat, holding mugs, and it is great that I can now hold a frosty beer in summer!


The i-Limb Quantum is a quantum leap from my previous hand prosthesis. The hand and glove allow me to grip objects strongly using Vari-Grip™, for instance opening door handles and using an electric shaver. Importantly, I can hold the control stick on my powerchair safely with the i-Limb Quantum, which is essential for my mobility. The proportional control feature means that I can pick up more delicate or fragile objects, and even allows me to hold an ice-cream cone.

Even though I have a black glove on my i-Limb Quantum, I only get positive comments from it, including my 2-year-old grandsons who are fascinated by it! Dale, my incredibly supportive wife of 43 years, says I am a lot more confident in the community as my hand has now got the wow factor, and I can now shake hands with my many friends! I can now wear my Dad’s wedding ring, and a watch that was a gift from my sons, this is something that was not possible before I got the i-Limb Quantum.


Access to the many grip patterns via gesture control is also an excellent feature, as I can change into different grips easily, to help with activities in my daily life. My dogs also love having their head rubbed with my i-Limb Quantum, and I can consider myself privileged to have this excellent hand.