Brett Ryan's RHEO KNEE XC Story

I was 12 when I found a lump behind my right knee and was diagnosed with a benign Desmoid tumour. At the time there were only four of these type of tumours in the Southern Hemisphere. Several operations to remove the tumour over the course of two years proved unsuccessful, and with each operation, the scar grew bigger with the tumour growing upwards and towards my torso.

At 14 years old and after my seventh operation, within months the tumour came back about the size of a football. It was then that I was given three choices: 1. A new radium treatment with no guarantee it would work - if this failed it would be too late to remove the tumour as it would have been wrapped around my organs by then, 2. Remove the leg, leaving a small stump for a prosthetic and 3. Let the tumour grow into my torso where it would kill me within a year, strangling nerves and veins. I chose option 2.

My surgery went well and I began learning to walk again with mechanical prosthetics where I tried living as best I could despite my prosthetics being worn out every year or two. Here we are now thirty-one years later and with the most advanced and sophisticated piece of technology – the RHEO KNEE XC and the Pro-Flex XC Torsion. I am walking further than ever before and am enjoying life experiencing all that I can.

I find the RHEO KNEE XC to be 100 times superior to any of the previous knees I have had over the last 31 years of using a prosthetic. I previously used hydraulic knees, both single-axis and 4 bar link versions.

The safety of the RHEO KNEE XC far exceeds any other knee I’ve used. I used to trip or fall at least once a month with my previous prosthetic knee and I haven’t had a fall since using the RHEO KNEE XC. This has enabled me to safely conduct my work with the security and confidence in the knowledge that it is safe to walk on any terrain and even whilst carrying items. This has taken away my anxiety of falling whilst I carry out general life duties. 

I’m now able to walk at least 2-3 times further than with my previous prosthetics. I am also able to walk downstairs with the knee supporting me, it is great to be able to do this once again safely. My friends and family are amazed at how much further I’m able to walk now. Overall, it has reduced my stress and fear of falling which used to weigh heavily on my mind.

The Pro-Flex XC Torsion has been influential in aiding me to be able to walk further distances with less stress on my spine and muscles in general. I would highly recommend both these products to anyone who has an above-knee amputation. This prosthesis is by far more advanced and easier to use than any other product I’ve come across in 30+ years.