Brad's RHEO KNEE® XC Story

“I feel confident that the RHEO KNEE® XC will continue to support me.”


I lost my right leg above the knee on the 22nd November 2016 due to joint failure. Since that time, I was fitted with prostheses that were not suitable and this impacted my progression. I felt like I had to prove my requirements every step of the way instead of being provided with a quality leg from the beginning. Over the last four years, I have fallen daily because of poor support from my leg. This resulted in a broken right ankle, big toe, and I required bilateral shoulder reconstructions to repair damage from the falls. I was frustrated and in pain.   

About 5-6 months ago, my previous prosthetist finally saw the need and was able to justify to the NDIS that I needed a better solution. I was fortunate enough to trial the Össur RHEO KNEE® XC along with another Microprocessor knee. After a lengthy trial period, the RHEO KNEE® XC was the best fit for my circumstances. It felt easier and more natural. I have now had the new prosthesis including RHEO KNEE® XC and Vari-Flex® foot for several months.  

My range of movement and the activities I can perform have improved…. It does not give me my leg back but it is much better than what I had. 

I look forward to a long involvement with Össur and thank the team for helping me. I use my prosthesis each day and I feel much more capable than before. My gait and general mobility have improved.  My wife and physiotherapist both commented on how much better I walk with it compared to before.  

My wife and I continue to raise beef cattle on our farm Össur’s products are now part of our farm management plan. Going forward I feel confident that the RHEO KNEE® XC will continue to support me in this endeavour.