Brad Smyth's Story

The upgrades are awesome. For the first time in ten years, I am able to walk step over step, both up and down stairs. With the RHEO KNEE XC, there is so much more feel and strength through the knee as you push through it. So far, I have not felt as though the knee is going to give way as I step through it on any surface. I have tried a number of different terrains from wet slippery rocks to grass, dirt, gravel and bush tracks.

The Pro-Flex is almost like having an ankle again. When you step through on flat ground or inclines, it doesn’t take any extra effort to keep moving forward. I have noticed on slight declines that I am able to walk with my normal stride, and I don’t need to half step to keep control.

I have started doing things again that were a lot harder to do with my old set up. I have ridden a two wheel bike for the first time in ten years. I have been able to complete some of the more difficult bush tracks and climbs.

I recently went on a hike to a water fall and was able to climb around at the base and was not worried that I may get wet or that my knee would give way. I had better stability to climb over the wet slippery rocks and was even able to challenge the climbing ability of my children through rocks and crevices that I never would have been able to before.

I was lucky enough to be able to be part of the AOPA event in Melbourne. While at this event, I was able to spend time with Cathy Howells who put me through my paces and taught few new tricks that the RHOE KNEE XC allows you to do. I am now able to do squats, lunges and by locking the knee, a more even push up. As the guys from Össur were there, I also had the opportunity to try the Pro-Flex XC. While I had this foot on, Cathy again gave me some new challenges, and I was able to run. It felt good and somewhat free to be a little…dare I say it… 'normal'.

Another great thing is that you can connect your phone to the knee and keep track of the steps and battery levels. In the 11 weeks I have had the RHEO KNEE XC, I have clocked 186,758 steps.

I am looking forward to the Össur Mobility Clinic in Melbourne this April 2017 and hopefully learning some additional new skills. I am very thankful for the opportunity and for the improvements to my lifestyle.