Meet the Bracing & Supports Team

The Össur Australia - Bracing & Supports division employs a highly collaborative and diverse staff who provide clinical support designed to meet and exceed expectations.

Rod Cooper

Managing Director, Össur ANZ

Rod graduated from LaTrobe Unveristy with a Bachelor of Prosthetics (Hons) and has diverse industry experience in clinical provision, education and business development. Rod joined Össur in 2006 (a small independent distributor at the time) leading the growth of our bracing wholesale division. More recently, Rod has graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and became the Össur ANZ Regional Director in 2019. Rod is inspired to work for a company that values innovation and making a difference to the lives of those that receive our products and services.

Meredith Booth

Sales Director, Bracing & Supports

Meredith has over 30+ years of experience working in and servicing the Orthotics industry. Graduating from Lincoln Institute, she worked clinically for 12 years as an Orthotist before moving into Sales. Meredith joined Össur in 2007 (a small independant distributor at the time) and now leads the Braces & Supports business unit. Meredith is inspired to work with such a great team of people and for a company that stands true to their core values: honesty, frugality and courage, in their quest to provide innovative, industry leading products and solutions to make a difference to those in need.

Hannah Buultjens

National Sales Manager, Bracing & Supports

Hannah has exclusively worked in several bracing and supports companies in Australia, and has also managed a company in New Zealand for several years since graduating from Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Exercise Science. With almost 20 years in the industry, nine of which have been with Össur, she understands the ever-changing nature, shifts and trends in the market and now helps guide an incredible team of salespeople to best help their customers.

Manish Zachariah

Regional Sales Manager, NSW

Born South of India in the tropical state of Kerala, Manish joined Össur in 2016 providing clinical support for Northern NSW before being promoted to a regional sales managerial role in 2020. "All these years, I’ve been practicing as a physio, so I’ve seen a lot of patients in my years. I really value the quality of the products that Össur has in the range and I am 100% confident that the clinical objectives of these products will help improve the patients’ activities. Being a physio, this is a big goal."

Sarah O'Callaghan

Territory Sales Manager VIC & TAS

After graduating from University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics in 2014, Sarah volunteered in New Delhi, India and joined the Össur team. Over the last five years, Sarah has managed a number of territories, including Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand. In her current role as the New Zealand Territory Manager, Sarah is passionate about working closely with clinicians to improve mobility and deliver a positive impact. She is an expert in technical training and is experienced in working with clinicians to help strengthen the referral pathways to their clinics. Sarah loves hiking, snowboarding, and travelling and is excited to explore New Zealand in her relocation.

Anton Kemp

New Zealand Territory Sales Manager

Originally from South Africa, Anton has spent the last 26 years in the orthotic and prosthetic field as clinician. Anton has extensive industry experience in business and service development and is dedicated to improving patient outcomes, mobility, and quality of life. With passion for biomechanics and sports injuries, orthotics was the perfect driver for Anton to pursue a career in clinical support and sales. Being able to provide bracing solutions in partnership with fellow clinicians is the perfect win-win for all. Anton joined Ossur in 2023 and is the Territory Sales Manager for New Zealand. Outside of work Anton enjoys mountain biking, paddle boarding and spending time with his family.

Nicholas Moloney

Clinical Sales & Support, NSW

Originally from Bendigo, Nic graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics. Since graduating, Nicholas gained working experience in the AFL which involved expanding and promoting the game. In late 2020, Nic moved to Sydney and joined Össur as a Medical Sales Specialist. Nic enjoys the diverse and challenging nature as a clinical specialist, allowing him to incorporate clinical practice with responsibilities as a sales representative.

Samantha Sudul

Clinical Sales & Support, NSW

With more than five years of experience working in the healthcare industry, Samantha graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences in 2021. Samantha joined Össur in November 2022 as an Area Sales Manager/Medical Sales Specialist for NSW. Her passion for transforming individuals’ lives is what brought her to Össur. Samantha provides any assistance required to ensure both clinicians and patients get the maximum benefit possible from Össur’s products.

Tim Amor

Regional Sales Manager, VIC & TAS

After graduating university with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics in 2013, Tim gained experience working clinically as an Orthotist in a private facility seeing a range of acute and chronic conditions before transitioning to Össur in 2016. One of the greatest rewards of his job is being able to fit a patient who is in pain or suffering gross instability and seeing an instant increase in their quality of life.

Neelesh Ravikumar

Clinical Sales & Support, VIC & SA

Graduating with a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Masters in Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics in 2016, Neelesh commenced his career working as an Prosthetist/Orthotist in Townsville, QLD. Born in Melbourne, Neel joined Össur in May 2019 as a Medical Sales Specialist/Orthotist for NSW, before moving back home in December 2020 to take on the Clinical Sales & Support role for VIC & SA. "Working within a supportive and passionate team makes our job extremely exciting. The Össur team work cohesively together to provide excellent service to our patients and improve their quality of life."

Charl Botha

Regional Sales Manager, QLD

Born in Worcester, South Africa, Charl completed his studies in Pretoria, South Africa. After graduating, Charl worked at Cape Town Hospital for five years before moving to Australia where he worked as an Orthotist for 10 years at a private facility in Brisbane. Charl joined Össur in 2017 and progressed into a Regional Sales Manager role. Charl continues to stay motivated knowing he is able to improve his patient's quality of life.

Mairead Nolan

Regional Territory Manager, QLD & NT

Born in Wexford, on the South East Coast of Ireland, Mairéad graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Prosthetics and Orthotics in the UK from the University of Salford, Manchester. Mairéad has over 5 years clinical experience, working in both public and private as an Orthotist in Auckland, followed by a year in Brisbane. Mairead joined Össur in 2018 and is currently the Regional Territory Manager for QLD & NT, providing clinical sales and support for these regions.

Kayleigh Strydom

Regional Sales Manager, WA

Kayleigh has worked in healthcare for the past 10 years. After graduating in Pretoria, South Africa as a Biokineticist (2011), Kayleigh worked closely with patients in exercise rehab facilities to improve their mobility and overall quality of life. Kayleigh then worked as a Surgical Device Representative where she has been involved with Arthroplasty joint replacements, particularly enjoying the theatre environment. Kayleigh immigrated to Australia and settled in Perth where she gained experience as a Territory Manager in neuromodulation and deep brain stimulation, dealing with patients with chronic pain and neurological movement disorders. Kayleigh joined the Össur team in 2021 to provide clinical sales & support for WA.

Priscilla Kehoe

Customer Care Director, Össur ANZ

Priscilla and the Customer Care Team ensure that our customers have a superior end-to-end ordering and delivery experience for all Össur prosthetic products through proactive communication and rapid responses to customer requests.