Össur Logic

Clinicians can utilise Össur Logic to program the RHEO KNEE and PROPRIO FOOT, featuring both Expert and User modes.

Software is available for iOS devices (iOS 9.3 or later), and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Össur Logic enables professionals to adjust easily the functionality for each user and access valuable activity reports. In addition to checking knee status and battery charge level, the new, enhanced user mode offers access to a specially designed training program. The Össur Logic Training feature enables Clinicians to empower users with easy exercises to practice at home and at their own pace, improving confidence and gait. Exercise include symmetric weight bearing, rolling over the toe, more symmetric sitting down and stair descent.

Expert Mode*
  • Knee setup: facilitates automatic and manual adjustments, monitors knee angle and load.
  • Enhanced Stability Control options: provides transitional settings for first steps.
  • Activity reports: records step count, walking speed distribution, average walking speed (PDF format available).
User Mode
  • Training: functional training exercise program
  • Monitor remaining battery charge and step count
  • Instructions-for-use
  • Adjust sounds and vibration
  • Turn extension hold on/off


Clinicians can utilise expert mode in order to program the PROPRIO FOOT to the individual user. Össur logic features a user friendly interface with detailed explanations of possible adjustments. The PROPRIO FOOT can be tailored to the user for preferred adaptation to stairs and ramps, and ankle alignment adjustment for varying heel heights.  

Expert Mode*
  • Foot setup: perform ankle alignment and auto adjustment to set the foot up for the user.
  • Adaptation to stairs and ramps can be tailored to the individual.
  • Generate four types of Activity reports - Speed Histogram, Step Histogram, Distance Histogram, Surface Histogram.
User Mode
  • Monitor remaining battery life and step count.
  • Ankle Alignment - users are able to adjust the ankle alignment to match shoes of up to 5cm in heel height.
  • Chair Exit Mode and Relax Mode - users can choose to turn these features on or off.
  • Standby Mode - disables all motor movements, which is useful when driving.

Expert mode is only available for the healthcare professional with training from Össur.

NOTE: Össur Logic cannot be used with older versions of RHEO KNEE as those models do not include the Bluetooth Low Energy hardware required to communicate with iOS devices.