Össur’s Sport Solutions have enabled athletes with prosthetics to thrive in sports they love, win championships and set worldwide records.  Working side by side with elite runners, Paralympians, triathletes, long jumpers and more, we’ve developed a host of sports-specific prosthetics based upon an athlete’s unique needs and competitive goals. 

Whether you’re navigating new territory or have reached your destination and are on to the next challenge, you’re on your way to a Life Without Limitations.

Introducing New, Next-Generation Cheetah® Running Prosthesis

For nearly three decades, the innovative Cheetah prosthesis has been the choice of champion Track and Field para-athletes. Modeled after the hind leg of a cheetah, Cheetah feet store energy and use it to propel the runner forward. No bionics. No electronics. No magnetics. Just physics. We’re proud to introduce three new running feet: Cheetah Xcel for sprinting, Cheetah Xpanse for long jump, and Cheetah Xceed for distance and trail running along with the new Nike SoleX with Tread and Spike Pad.

What are you capable of?

Whether you love to run, jump or ski, you want to do it well. As a competitor, you work hard, stay focused and race to win.

Running Science

Ability. Technology. Physics. Discover how a cheetah's simple movements empowered a generation of Paralympic athletes.

Jumping Science

How does a world record-holder fly? Discover the science of a long jump with 4-time Paralympic champion Markus Rehm.

Team Össur

Get to know the cyclists, runners, swimmers, sprinters and triathletes living their Life Without Limitations.

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