Get back in the game with


Össur’s Rebound DUAL knee brace provides functional support for ligament instability. So whether you are still rehabilitating from an injury or fully recovered, Rebound DUAL provides the stability you need.

Ask your doctor if Rebound DUAL can help you get back in the game.

Key Features

Low-profile, lightweight design
protects without restricting normal movement

Removable straps and liners
for easy cleaning and replacement

25 color combinations
ensure a match for most team uniforms

"Rebound DUAL lets me move the way I want to move. I barely even notice when I have it on!"

- Jordan P

25 Color Options*

Customize to match your team colors

*Custom models only. Colors are approximate

How to get
a brace

Step 2

Ask your doctor if Rebound DUAL is right for you.

Step 3

Receive prescription and find a brace fitter below.