Pro-Flex prosthetic feet feature a proprietary 3-blade design with full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe.  This gives the push-off you need for a more fluid, natural and confident stride. Pro-Flex is now available with heel-height adjustability to accommodate a variety of your daily activities.

The Pro-Flex Family

Want to know more about the Pro-Flex family of prosthetics?

Watch this brief video to learn the mechanics that power Pro-Flex.

New foot blade design

Full effective toe length and new design contribute to a more fluid and natural progression from heel strike to toe off than a conventional energy storing and return foot.

A shell as innovative as the foot it covers

The Pro-Flex foot cover features lightweight construction and a grippy sole for barefoot stability on wet, slick surfaces. It is easy to clean, adapts to a range of footwear and has a natural arch and footprint.

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