Osteoarthritis and joint pain relief

Most people are likely to experience joint pain at some point in their lives. Playing sports or engaging in other strenuous activities can contribute to acute pain and inflammation from overuse of the joint. While serious injuries are relatively uncommon, chronic joint pain may progress into a more severe hindrance over time.

A common cause of joint pain, such as knee pain or hip pain, is osteoarthritis (OA). OA is a degenerative disease, also described as “wear and tear,” which leads to loss of cartilage.

OA is a chronic joint condition, and as it progresses, cartilage protecting the ends of the bones gradually breaks down, joint fluid loses its shock-absorbing qualities and bones may begin to rub against each other. This can cause pain, swelling and problems moving the joint.

When you have knee or hip osteoarthritis, you want a solution you can rely on. Take control of joint pain quickly and easily.

How do Unloader braces work?

Unloader knee braces unload the affected, painful side of the knee using a 3-Point Leverage System. The thigh and calf shells account for two points of leverage, while the Dynamic Force System™ strap provides the third. This system "unloads" the pressure from the affected area, providing a reduction in pain. Unloader knee braces feature a lightweight, low-profile design, which is barely noticeable and fits discreetly under clothing. Utilizing the SmartDosing® dial with Boa® technology, it provides you with a simplified, single hand dosing dial for on-the-fly adjustability, helping you better manage unicompartmental OA knee pain.

Treating Knee OA Biomechanically

An innovative solution that addresses knee pain at the source and provides relief without the use of medication or surgery.

Knee OA without bracing

(bone-on-bone contact)

The 3-Point Leverage System

Knee OA with bracing

(space created between bones)

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