At Össur, we pride ourselves on continuously pushing the boundaries to create some of the most effective, non-invasive mobility solutions on the market today. True advocates of “Life Without Limitations’’, our focus is on Prosthetic, Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions.

For many years Össur has served an extensive range of medical professionals, and worked closely with leading research and educational bodies in our field. We maintain a powerful service ethic, listening and responding to the diverse needs of our customers across the continent.

Össur Values

The foundation of our corporate culture is our values; Honesty, Frugality and Courage. We foster a working environment that reflects and remains focused on those three core values.​


Stay True - We show respect by adhering to facts and reality, fulfilling promises and claims, and admitting failures. We nurture honest communication throughout the company by sharing information and respecting each other's time and workload.


Make Every Step Count - We use resources wisely. The company aims to minimize costs across all areas of its business through effective communication, preparedness, planning and optimized processes.


Aim Higher - We are open to change and constantly strive for improvement. We challenge unwritten rules, show initiative and take calculated risks, while at the same time, take responsibility for our ideas, decisions and actions.

Össur - A Worldwide Presence

The Company has its headquarters in Iceland and it maintains an extensive global presence with additional operational centers in Europe, Asia and beyond.

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