At Össur we nurture a spirit of innovation; we offer an open and vibrant environment where each employee can achieve his or her full potential. We live by a set of values that are the foundation for our strategy and success. Our core values are Honesty, Frugality, and Courage; and these values guide our decisions. We live these values every day in everything that we do—in our interactions with colleagues and customers, and in our work efforts.

We have about 4,000 employees working in over 30 countries worldwide. While we are a diverse company, we work as one to improve people’s mobility. Different ideas and points of view are beneficial to our business, and we believe in creating an environment where diversity, knowledge, skills, and strengths are fully utilized. As individuals, our employees can expect equal treatment and equal opportunities for growth within Össur. Our employees take responsibility, both for their current job and for their career advancement. We offer various learning opportunities, so employees can build lasting and rewarding careers with us.

Our Values


Stay True

We show respect by adhering to facts and reality, fulfilling promises and claims, and admitting failures. We nurture honest communication throughout the company by sharing information and respecting each other's time and workload.


Make Every Step Count

We use resources wisely.
The company aims to minimize costs across all areas of its business through effective communication, preparedness, planning and optimized processes.


Aim Higher

We are open to change and constantly strive for improvement. We challenge unwritten rules, show initiative and take calculated risks, while at the same time, take responsibility for our ideas, decisions and actions.

Engagement and Competency Framework

We measure our employees’ engagement at least once a year and we are proud that our employee satisfaction and engagement is high. Our employees’ passion, drive, and capabilities to help our customers are our greatest assets.

We have a Competency Framework within Össur that allows us to identify the behaviors that drive successful performance. It provides a clear behavioral link to our business strategy and suggested methods for our employees to further develop their competencies.

We have a Competency Framework within Össur that allows us to identify the behaviors that drive successful performance and supports business strategy. Our competencies are collaboration, communication, driving results, customer focus and change. Annual performance reviews are conducted and regular check-ins are encouraged between employees and managers to discuss goals, performance and development. Our competence development is supported by Össur‘s Development Guide that lists training and development opportunities for each competency. All employees regardless of their role or location, have access to thousands of on-line and virtual courses to learn and grow.

Össur recruits competent and ambitious individuals that can work on demanding projects, and we are proud that we’ve been able to provide advancement opportunities for our talented employees. Our hiring decisions are based on a potential employee’s skills and abilities. Our global team of talented professionals is passionate about helping people live a Life Without Limitations. While innovation drives us as we strive to be the leading company in non-invasive orthopaedics, it is the people that work at Össur that make this possible.

Join the Össur Family

We are always looking for talented people who are passionate about helping people live a Life Without Limitations and to work as one to improve people’s mobility.

If you are interested in joining our team you can view and apply for an open position on Össur’s applicant portal.

Gender Ratio

Male: 54%

16-25: 8%

University Degree 43%

Female: 46%

26-35: 28%

Other 45%

36-45: 30%

Vocational or Technical training 12%

46-54: 20%

55+: 14%

Gender Ratio

Male: 54%

Female: 46%