Össur’s prosthetics portfolio includes a full spectrum of premium lower and upper limb prosthetic components. The portfolio ranges from solutions to support low active individuals who may struggle to maintain the ideal balance of safety, comfort, and mobility all the way to solutions designed to enable especially active people to engage in high-impact endeavors.

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Bracing & supports

OA solutions

Össur’s osteoarthritis (OA) solutions are designed to enhance quality of life, reduce pain, and improve mobility for people living with osteoarthritis. Össur offers the Unloader One range of knee braces that relieve pain from knee osteoarthritis, as well as the Unloader Hip which is designed to reduce pain by optimizing load dispersion for patients suffering from mild and moderate osteoarthritis of the hip.

Injury Solutions

Össur’s injury solutions are designed for people recovering from fractures, ligament injuries or for those in need of post-operative treatment solutions. These solutions are designed to support the healing process of bone and soft tissue injuries. Several of these products come with the Functional Healing seal that signifies a clinically validated healing solution that helps enhance the body’s natural healing process while maximizing mobility.

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Who are the users that benefit from our solutions?

  • High active lower-limb amputees
  • Low active lower-limb amputees
  • Upper-limb amputees
  • Children living with limb loss
  • Athletes living with limb loss
Bracing & Supports
  • People that require post-operative treatment
  • People in rehabilitation for PCL ruptures
  • People requiring protection and joint stabilization
  • People with foot and ankle injuries that require immobilization
  • People with mild to severe osteoarthritis
  • People seeking treatment for venous ulcers and swelling