To enable Life Without Limitations® we must consider the role of water in the lives of people. For many, simple daily activities such as taking a shower, watering the garden, washing the car, or walking alongside a lake can be challenging or are completely avoided.

But not anymore!

When you encounter water, understanding what your prosthesis is designed to withstand is important. If you have regular contact with water, whether it’s visiting the beach, a pool, or your bathtub, check with your prosthetist to plan ahead and make sure your prosthesis gives the support you need.

Waterproof: what does it mean?

Whether it's fresh, salt, or chlorinated water, Össur's waterproof prosthetic legs and components will give the protection needed. The use of first-rate materials provides permanent protection against harmful water ingress, even after submersion, while delivering expected functionality.

A waterproof Össur product:
- Can be used in a wet or humid environment
- Can be submerged in up to 3 meters of water for a maximum of 1 hour*.
- Can tolerate contact with saltwater, chlorinated water, perspiration, urine, and mild soaps*.
- Can also tolerate occasional exposure to sand, dust, and dirt.
- Should not be exposed to water continuously.

To care for a waterproof Össur product:
- Dry with a cloth after contact with freshwater or excess humidity.
- Clean with freshwater after exposure to other liquids, chemicals, sand, dust or dirt and dry with a cloth.

*Proprio Foot® only allows for full immersion into 1m deep water for a period of 30 minutes and is not recommended to be uses in chlorinated water.

Important note:
For liners and sleeves it’s specifically important to check the liner suspension during use in water and dry the socket and the liner after leaving the water.

Waterproof: wherever life takes you

Össur’s portfolio of waterproof products will give everybody, regardless of their activity level, a taste of what life can be like when you don't have to worry about getting splashed or immersed in water.

Our waterproof portfolio

Products that are waterproof in freshwater, salt water & chlorinated water are listed below.
Please refer to the instructions (IFU) for each product for detailed waterproof specifications.

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