Osteoarthritis and joint pain relief

When you have knee or hip osteoarthritis, you want a solution you can rely on. Take control of joint pain quickly and easily.

Unloader One® X

For average to high-impact activities.

Unloader® Hip

Discreet underneath clothing for everyday activities.

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How do Unloader® Braces work?

Most people are likely to experience knee or hip pain at some point in their lives, especially if you play sports or engage in strenuous activities. A common, but serious, cause of joint pain is osteoarthritis (OA), which is the slow deterioration of cartilage - the natural cushioning between the joints.

Unloader knee braces can reduce the load on the painful or affected side of the joint and are proven to reduce pain and improve function. Some patients also report a reduction in pain medication. Unloader® Hip braces offer a unique approach to hip OA and has been known to improve activities of daily living. If you have been diagnosed with knee or hip OA, you may want to consider wearing an Unloader brace, so you can be ready for the adventure ahead.

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