Markus Rehm

Track and Field

“I try to show everybody that disability is not a handicap. You can still do anything you want in life.”

Long Jumper.  Sprinter.  World Record Holder.  Wakeboarder.  Prosthetist.  3-Time Paralympic Champion.

In 2005, at age 14, after a wakeboarding accident, Markus Rehm had his right leg amputated below the knee.  This dealt an extremely harsh blow to the athletic teenager accustomed to physical activity and competition in his native Germany.  The first few months were difficult, both physically and mentally.  Until Markus thought about his bicycle.  What would it be like to ride it again?  A successful trip around the neighborhood was enough to inspire a new way of thinking.

“That's when ambition seized me.  I wanted to know what else I was capable of despite the prosthesis.”

A chance meeting with German Paralympian sprinter Heinrich Popow led to an invitation to attend a Paralympic event in Leverkusen.  Markus was impressed and inspired.  He was granted a sports prosthesis, and since then, has set the long jump record for para-athletes. 

Known today as ‘The Blade Jumper,” Markus is wearing Össur’s latest prosthetic innovation, the Cheetah Xpanse foot while pursuing the able-bodied world record.  His jump of 8.48 meters, in Berlin, would rank third on the list of 2019 performances by able-bodied jumpers.
Update June 2021: Markus just broke his world record with a fantastic jump of 8.62 meters.

"I don't want to have a limit in my mind.”

Athletic Accomplishments

Paralympic Games
  • 2020 Tokyo Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.18m
  • 2016  Rio Gold medal Long Jump T44  8.21m with new Paralympic record  
  • 2016  Rio Gold medal 4×100 m T42-47 with new European record  
  • 2012 London Gold medal Long  Jump T44 7.35m (WR)
  • 2012 London Bronze medal 4x100 m T42-46  
World Para Athletics Championships
  • 2019 Dubai Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.17m 
  • 2017 London Gold medal Long Jump T64 (T44) 8.0m 
  • 2017 London Gold medal 4 x 100m T42-47 
  • 2015 Doha Gold medal Long Jump T44 8.40m (WR) 
  • 2015 Doha Gold medal 4×100 m T42-47
  • 2013 Lyon Gold medal Long Jump T44 
  • 2011 Christchurch Gold medal Long Jump T44 7.09m (WR) 
Grand Prix Para Athletics and International meetings 
  • 2019 Barcelona Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.22m 
  • 2018 Maebashi Japan Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.47m 
  • 2018 Barcelona Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.10m 
  • 2018 Paris Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.34m 
  • 2018 Innsbruck Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.15m 
  • 2018 Schaan Gold medal Long Jump T64 8.14m 
  • 2017 Innsbruck Gold medal Long Jump T44 8.13m 
  • 2017 Leverkusen Gold medal Long Jump T44 8.05m 
  • 2016 Glasgow, IAAF Indoor Gold medal Long Jump 8.10m 
  • 2015 Dubai Gold medal Long Jump T44 7.79m 
  • 2015 Dubai Gold medal 100 m T44 11,52s 
  • 2015 Al Ain Gold medal Long Jump T44 8.08m 

World Para Athletics European Championships
  • 2021 Bydgoszcz Gold medal with a new world record, Long Jump T64, 8.62m
  • 2018 Berlin Gold medal with a new world record, Long Jump T64, 8.48m 
  • 2018 Berlin Gold medal 4x100 m T42-47 
  • 2016 Grosseto Gold medal Long jump T44 7,98m 
  • 2016 Grosseto Gold medal 4×100 m T42-47 with new European record 
  • 2014 Swansea Gold medal Long jump T42/44 7.63m 
  • 2014 Swansea Bronze medal 100 m T44 11,63s 
  • 2012 Stadskanaal Gold medal 100 m T44 11.70s 
  • 2012 Stadskanaal Gold medal Long jump T42/44 6,78m 




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Long Jump

Jumping Science

How does a world record-holder fly? Discover the science of a long jump as Markus Rehm demonstrates how the power and momentum of a jump become vertical lift.