Supporting a Proper Fit

Unity is a first-of-its-kind sleeveless vacuum system that pulls the vacuum in the socket using the energy created by the natural motion of the prosthetic foot. Designed to accommodate all prosthetic users,  the benefits of this are a lighter, quieter, simpler vacuum suspension than any other vacuum technology on the market.

Unity for Pro-Flex XC is now rated waterproof for saltwater and chlorinated water.

Why Unity?

The success of the prosthesis is dependent upon the fit between the residual limb and socket: suspension is crucial. An elevated vacuum system – whereby air is actively pulled out of the socket - is key.

Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active or high active, mechanical or microprocessor solution is required, Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System helps support a proper fit for clinical outcomes with benefits such as:

  • Improving comfort
  • Improving mobility and transfers
  • Improving balance and stability
  • Reducing risk of falls
  • Improving gait symmetry
  • Controlling volume and reducing fluctuations
“With Unity, my comfort, stability and limb health has increased significantly.”

Alti Ndreka, Above Knee User & CP/LP

Education & Training with Össur Academy

Depending upon your region, Össur Academy offers a half-day Unity System product course for prosthetists and practitioners (4 CEU’s).  Ossur Academy also provides education and training with fitting videos, patient exercise guides, and pre-recorded virtual education webinars 24/7, on-demand.

How to Order

There’s a broad range of resources available to help support you and your patients. For more information, our Customer Care team is here to assist.